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Hair Replacement
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Hair Restoration Solutions

Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio offers non-surgical hair restoration solutions for men and women.

Hair Studio Services

Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio provides full studio services for every member of the family.

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Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio Offers Full Services for the Whole Family

Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio provides hair replacement and hair salon services in Parkersburg, WV. This is a hair studio with a goal to meet the individual needs of each customer. We offer professional services for men and women of all ages and backgrounds, especially those who seek fuller hair. Call us today at (304) 865-1551 to schedule an appointment. Our menu of services we provide includes:

Hair Replacement



Hair Color


Hair Restoration for Men and Women in the Parkersburg Area

As a leading hair studio for the Parkersburg area since 1994, Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio offers non-surgical hair restoration solutions. Hair replacement is an important service for men and women who desire more youthful-looking hair. Thinning hair and hair loss itself may be due to a number of factors. These may include heredity of male or female pattern baldness, trichotillomania, systemic illness, medications, and cancer treatments.

  • A woman’s hair is a key aspect of their beauty and image. Having full hair framing your face projects both youth and vivacity. A hair restoration consult with a professional can save you time every day getting ready for work, errands, friends, and family.

  • A man’s hair restoration is just as important to self-confidence and vitality. With work and leading a busy life, you can appreciate the freedom and confidence that comes with waking up to hair that is as ready to face the day as you are.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Hair Transplant Surgery

Those seeking great, non-surgical alternatives to hair transplant surgery can consider the hair restoration services at Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio. Regardless of the cause, Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio provides effective options to help each customer look their very best. We offer non-surgical hair loss solutions that include high-quality wigs, human hair eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and hair extensions. Get started with a private consultation to discover the hair restoration services that are right for you.

Hair Services in Parkersburg for Hair Color, Perms, Style, & More

When you need a haircut or styling services, rely on Sue McCloy’s Hair Studio. We provide full studio services for every member of the family. Hair studio services may include an easy haircut or trim to full salon treatment. Hair coloring or perms are great when you want a new look to match the season or for special events.

Our location in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is convenient to those living in nearby Mineral Wells, Vienna, and Williamstown. We are across the river from Belpre and Marietta, Ohio. A visit to our hair studio is worth the trip for every member of the family. Come to us for a great haircut, hair color, perms, foils, and other styling services.

Professional Hair Studio Using Peter Häntz Personal Hair Products

As a professional hair studio, we use the Peter Häntz line of personal hair products. Häntz has been a leading name in the hair styling world for more than 40 years. Their products have been manufactured in Tempe, Arizona, for the past 20 years. The full line includes shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, great for all types of hair.

Consistent and proper use of Peter Häntz’ personal hair products will revitalize and replenish the hair and scalp. We can show you the best products to use on your hair to give it the style and look you desire. Schedule an appointment at our full-service salon, open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by appointment.